Sunday, October 5, 2008

this is really so addicting.

i've just made two more sets on a sunday. i wish i had more time to do this. anyway, i'm sure i'm gonna update more often than i'm used to do.

this goes out to my friend, angel, who absolutely adores pink.

i was thinking of classic chanel the whole time i was doing this set

Saturday, October 4, 2008

i love polyvore!

it has been ages since the last time i had time to blog. so i'm starting again from scratch. my schedule for the past months have been so erratic. i just can't wait to graduate again. anyways, i've always loved looking at the insanely gorgeous sets at but i just didn't have the guts to do my own sets. to cut the long story short. i finally got myself to sign up and do my own thing. the result.... i'm hooked! so i intend to use this blog to display all of my works.

this is the very first set i've worked on. not my best but i still find it cute. =)

i absolutely adore this one!

this set is inspired by my friend, teng, who wants a blue dress on graduation

so tell me which set do you like most?